Technical information

Dear participants of PDT & PD Update 2020.

We unexpectedly have an overwhelming number of more than 300 registered participants. This will make it impossible to display all online members during the talks with their live camera on. With regard to good internet availability for the presentation, all attendees are asked to keep their microphones and cameras switched off. The “chat” should be the communication area throughout the conference days. Thus, you should submit questions to the presentation to the dedicated sessions chair, he will summarize or choose questions and deliver them to the presenter. The session chair and the presenter should be the only persons for direct communication. You may have the chance to use the “reaction” button to either give applause or OK to support statements, comments or questions.

After registration you should have received the main links to participate in the online conference. If for some reason you have not received it, please contact:

Due to legal problems, recording of the presentations will not be supported by the organizer of the eCongress. There will be no recordings of the conference available.

Please refer to the section relevant for you as a presenter, sponsor, session chair, or guest.

The conference will be implemented by means of 3rd party ressources, e.g. Zoom. Please refer to the respective public sources of information in case of problems.

Please contact us in case you need additional information.

Basic information for all participants:

The conference program is available here.

The abstract book will be provided only to registered participants, via password-protected download from this webpage.

The password has been provided to you after registration. If you are missing it, please contact us.

For participation in the online conference, the conference organizers will provide you with a link to a virtual 3D foyer some time before the conference. You do not need a personal account to enter this virtual 3D foyer. It is recommended to use Chrome oder Firefox.

From the virtual 3D foyer, you can access different Zoom sessions and other information. You do not need a personal Zoom account to enter the Zoom sessions.

There is only one plenary Zoom session, in which all presentations will take place.

In addition, during market place periods as specified in the conference timetable, our sponsors may provide separate Zoom sessions or video streams.

The Zoom sessions can be reached from within the virtual 3D foyer, almost as in a real world conference. You can comfortably change between Zoom sessions via the virtual 3D foyer, which we recommend.

How the online congress works in general:

a) 3D virtual foyer:

Before and after the scientific sessions, many of the sponsor companies will be present within breakout Zoom sessions in the virtual 3D foyer. This is currently being installed. You can walk around the virtual foyer by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, double clicking on the mouse, or using the right mouse button or mouse wheel.

The sponsors will have a poster with their company logo etc., optional rollups, and an optional small notebook screen on the table. Click the poster to access the company website in a boxed version. A click on the roll-ups will open them in a boxed view with better resolution. A click on the screen of the small notebooks may open a product video or a breakout Zoom session, where you can talk to the company representative in person.

After having visited the companies’ booths, you can finally proceed to the conference room (you will easily find out, where it is). Once in the conference room click on the screen to enter the scientific plenary session.

b) Scientific plenary session (Zoom):

During the scientific presentations, please write your questions into the chat-box, where you please select the participant marked as “(host)” beforehand from the recipient drop-down list above the text box, rather than sending your question “to all”. Send off your question by hitting the “carriage return” key within the text box. The host/chair will put these questions to the speaker after his/her presentation. The host/chair will also ask you to switch off your camera and microphone or do this for you.

Information specific for presenters:

You have the option to present your talk live by sharing of your desktop within the plenary Zoom session (moderated by the conference organizers).

Alternatively, we can stream or operate your presentation for you, and you can then participate in the subsequent live discussion. For this purpose, you have to provide a presentation file. The following file types are acceptable: ppt/pptx with live or recorded audio (PowerPoint and Keynote), any common video file format (mp4, mov, avi, etc.). The presentation file can be:

a) either upload to the following Dropbox address:
              An alternative possibility via may be provided on request.

b) or (in case of sufficiently small file size) sent by e-mail to:


For the provided presentation files, please use filenames as follows:

DEADLINE for upload is Wednesday noon CET!

If you encounter any problems, please report them to the e-mail address to obtain assistance.

Only in case of severe problems with your internet speed, we can present and operate your presentation slides (pptx or pdf) while you are talking live in parallel (need to upload as above; please no animations).

Information specific for our sponsors:

To have your company represented within the conference, we ask you to:

a) either upload the items listed below (as separate files or in a common zip-file) to the following Dropbox address:

              An alternative possibility via may be provided on request.

b) or (in case of sufficiently small file size) send it by e-mail to:


For provided items, please use filenames as follows:

Items to be provided:

1) One info file containing:

a)  One webpage address of your company to which interested visitors shall be guided.

b)  Optional: Up to 3 short lists of products and/or services and/or fields of application of your company. Each list may contain up to 8 items (ideally with a maximum length of about 60 characters, including whitespace).

File type: e.g. txt, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, pdf

2) Optional: Up to 2 roll-ups with information about your company, as typically presented on real-world conferences.
Please provide two file versions in the following formats:
– pdf
– png or jpg/jpeg

      The ideal format is portrait with aspect ratio 2:1.
The file size should be less than 5 Mbyte for fast loading, the smaller, the better.

3) Within certain (market place) time periods listed in the conference timetable, you have the optional possibility to present your company via a Zoom session. (You will be informed about the company-specific Zoom address as soon as possible.)  You can use this Zoom session as you wish, e.g. for a presentation via desktop sharing and/or a live discussion.  Alternatively, you can upload a simple video (any video file format, no strict size limit) to be displayed instead of the Zoom session or provide a video link (as part of the info file mentioned above under 1). Both features are optional. A short demo online meeting was organized before the conference day, where you could view and/or test the relevant functionalities. If you need a recording of this meeting, please inform us by e-mail to

4) We already have received your company logo, so please do NOT send it again to avoid confusion.

If you encounter any problems, please report them to the e-mail address to obtain assistance.

Information specific for session chairs:

During Zoom sessions, you will have the usual moderator functionalities within a Zoom session. A short demo online meeting was organized before the conference day, where you could view and/or test the relevant functionalities. If you need a recording of this meeting, please inform us by e-mail to

Information for presenters, session chairs, and moderators of Zoom sessions:

Please make yourself familiar with Zoom. Ample information is available from these webpages:

IMPORTANT: Make sure beforehand that your audio and video equipment is good enough, so you can hear the others, and the others can hear and see you properly. IMPORTANT: Make sure you know how to use the “screen sharing” functionality from within a Zoom session, to share your screen or your application window. Note that during the session, the host/chair of the session will enable the “screen sharing” functionality only temporarily for the active speaker.

If you do not present live, but via a pre-recorded video stream, make sure to be present for question after the end of your presentation. IMPORTANT: Please inform the host/chair of your session some minutes before your presentation that you are present and that you will answer questions. Please do this preferably via the “chat” function, because all participants (except the current speaker) will be muted by default.

When starting your presentation, you should ask if you can be heard well. Only the session host/chair will answer.

The host/chair of the session will signalize to you that the end of your presentation time is approaching. Please strictly stick to the schedule, as we have a very tight conference program.

Best regards, the organizing team